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Elinor the Deserted Valley

Thursday, 24 May, 2018 - 18:30


Elinor… a huge continent, situated in the middle of a boundless ocean. The nature of this world is rich and diverse – hight mountains, deep forests, endless prairies, severe snows of the North and arid deserts of the South.

The Valley of the Ancestors, situated in the heart of continent, is a cradle of civilization. It is exactly here that the new civilisation was born, the third race of the human generation. Eight nations, originated from the Valley of the Ancestors, created their own governments in different parts of the continent. Wise Djunits, reckless Guawars, fearless Itoshins, elucidated Ulutau, discreet Vedichs, mighty Taurs, inventive Tausmatus, careless Chekatta – the inhabitants of Elinor experienced the grief and happiness, prosperities and declines, wars and peaceful days.