About us

The Logo

It is based on a playing card and represents entertainment.

The  ACE is formed of our initials.

The red heart highlights our values: union, love of transmission, sharing, mutual assistance and preservation of the Earth.

It is composed of 3 symbols:

  • the 1st is the economic lamp and the idea,
  • 2nd is the recycling and the yin-yang,
  • 3th is the plant, the nature, the earth

These 3 symbols stand on the letter W for Workshops.

By participating in our workshops, you will gain ideas and receive tips and tricks on how to think in terms of transformation and recycling.

You will applied them to everything around you in order to preserve nature and find your place in the circle of life.

Come and discover the multiple faces of this extraordinary workshop, welcoming and easy to access.


The Alliance

A new place for sharing knowledge and culture.

A rehabilitation of a friendly name's cafe and transformation into two spaces.

Building history

It was built in 1937 with a listed façade.

The previous owner bought it in 1998 - it served as a shelter for very loyal customer of the BBL working accross the street.

In 2010 the  building was rented to a new "entrepreneuristic" tenant. Indeed he suppressed the landlord apartment on the 1st floor to excavate a hole in order to transform it into a mezzanine.  He installed a kitchen and a nightclub, with total disregard to urbanistic plan. Then he went bankrupt in 2012. We were still receiving reminders from Electrabel ... in 2014.

Opening hours

Wednesday: 6.00 PM - 9:00 PM (on special event)

Thursday: 6.00 PM - 11.00 PM

Friday: 6.00 PM - 11.00 PM

Other days: upon demand or event

Public Transport

44 Stationstreet, 1040 Etterbeek